Tips to Maintaining Air Conditioning Devices

SuniBy properly maintaining air conditioning fairfax devices, you can enjoy a cool indoor   environment within your home at optimal cost. Without proper maintenance these devices   can easily breakdown as they become overworked and overheated. It can also result in a poor air quality and high energy bills for the property owner. Before you start leaning or maintenance work, make sure you are properly attired with a dust mask and cover up any furniture beneath the units. Also ensure that when replacing filters that you get the right size by taking the used one along with you to shop.

One of the simplest and important maintenance jobs a homeowner should regularly perform is that of cleaning the devices and changing filters. Whether the unit is outdoors or indoors, it should be regularly shut down and open up for cleaning purposes. Make sure to eradicate all dust that has accumulated in the interior parts. Give especially attention to the area around the condenser fins. If using a vacuum, be sure to attach a soft bristle brush and run it gently over the surfaces. Outdoor units tend to also accumulate larger debris like bird feathers and leaves. Sweep them out and if there is a tree branch or bush growing close, trim it back.

Changing or washing reusable filters is also important. Filters clean the circulating air and hold on to dust and other light debris. You need to clean them more frequently during the months that you more often use your units. Another area that requires maintenance is the drainage pipes. Be sure to inspect them for clogs. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush to get rid of any clogs. Indoor units for central air conditioning tend to have condensation tubes. Because of the accumulation of moisture, there is also a tendency for algae to form. Detach it and wash it in water with a little bleach to tackle the problem. If your air conditioning unit as lubrication ports, drop a few drops of lubricant specifically meant for its motor. After cleaning it is advisable to leave the unit off for about a day before you turn it back on again.


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